Friday, 3 April 2015

Evaluation part 7

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

I feel the title sequence went well in portraying the theme and mood of the film, the music we choose gave off the romance element we wanted to portray in the film, The biggest thing I’ve learnt is how to use a greenscreen correctly although we did not use the clip in our final cut of the sequence it was a good learning experience to have.
We were inventive in our sequence using unconventional filming method during the shoots such as skateboard for a dolly and using a ramp and book for the diagonal moving shots, after we had started using a DSLR with a changeable focus we felt the quality of our shots had improved as we could now control more within the sequence.

Evaluation part 6

what have you learnt about technologies from your media project?

We decided that we were going to Use a DSLR camera as it was easier to control the focus of the camera using the manual focusing modes, this also made our pull focus shots easier to do
We were also inventive with our technology using a skateboard as a dolly cause neither of us owned or could afford a dolly that we could use instead, we faced little problem with the skateboard however other than it would occasionally veer off to the left and we would have to try and put it back on track another inventive thing we did was in the shoot of the plane sequence where we created a ramp out of wood and place the camera on a book and slide it down to keep the shot stable after recording the shot we reversed it in final cut to have it move the way we wanted.

for our final cut we used more conventional methods for filming such as dollies and Steadicam as these were more reliable to do as we wanted I feel we got better shots by using them  

Evaluation part 4+5

Evaluation part 3

Evaluation part 2

Evaluation part 1

The brief we worked to was to make a title sequence of a film that we also designed, I worked with Nathan in order to create the film Half-way Home which we had several titles planned for, that we asked for our audiences opinions on before settling.
Both Nathan and I were confident we wanted to do an action or romance styled film from the start, we then decided to combine the genres as it would give us a boarder subject to film with two elements to look at.

Our title sequence uses symbolism to suggest parts of the narrative and show important plot points such as the tea swirling to show everything is swirling out of control, and pan out from the shoes to show the two are getting further away.
We also have the plane move down in the shot to suggest how our protagonist will go down with the plane but will use it to rise in the story.